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On Holistic Haircare

Radiance Elixir Course Teaser

After years working in the beauty industry, I've observed product after product make promises of instant lifting, smoothing, plumping, anti-aging – you name it. Some even deliver on that promise. However, what often gets overlooked in this game of external perfection is the holistic nature of beauty itself. 

It's not solely about superficial quick fixes or temporary enhancements; it's about nourishing and nurturing our bodies from within. 

Quick fixes, whether seemingly superficial or not, are a totally natural aspect of both beauty and creative expression. But what happens when our self-esteem or confidence becomes reliant on them? This is where the concept of holistic beauty comes into play, emphasizing a ‘whole-istic’ approach that involves outward appearance, as well as, inner well-being — the epitome of timeless beauty.

On Holistic Hair Care 

Across cultures and centuries, hair has been a potent symbol, carrying profound cultural, traditional, and spiritual significance. In ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, hairstyles often signified social status, while ceremonial hair adornments held spiritual meaning. Similarly, various cultures, including indigenous communities and East Asian traditions, celebrated the spiritual significance of hair. For instance, in Native American cultures, long hair is viewed as a source of strength, pride, and spiritual power.

This historical context is not some distant memory but a living legacy that influences our perceptions of holistic hair care today. Beyond a contemporary philosophy, holistic hair care is a revival of ancient wisdom that recognizes the intimate connection between our inner selves and the strands that cascade from our heads. Through a holistic approach, we not only care for our hair but also honor the legacy it carries, creating a bridge between the past, present, and the vibrant future of hair and health.

The Mind 🔗 Body Connection 

At the core of holistic beauty and holistic hair care lies the mind-body connection. It’s what shapes our approach; where the amount of energy we invest in our well-being resonates in the vitality of our hair. In this tango, self-care becomes a sweet expression of love for both our bodies and our tresses.

Conventional practices, spanning from daily styling to chemical treatments, weave us into routines with instant results that may also come with consequences. The impact of excessive heat and harsh chemicals can cause brittle, damaged hair. Even going as far as to disrupt the equilibrium of our scalp, amplifying stress-related concerns and well-being.

True beauty is not achieved by compromising the health of our hair and bodies. It's high time we reconsider our approach, towards a more holistic alternative that begins with the root causes of hair and beauty concerns. 

In my upcoming course (it’s almost done baking 👩🏻‍🍳) ‘Radiance Elixir: A Holistic Approach to Beauty,’ we say ta-ta to a one-size-fits-all mentality and hello! to the bespoke celebration of individuality. This online course breaks out of conventional norms, and dives into personalized care routines, mindful practices, and an exploration of a holistic framework crafted to nurture lasting beauty from within. Anticipate not just luscious locks and outer radiance, but a glow that emanates from a balanced nervous system, mindful nutrition, and a harmonious mind-body-soul connection. 

A lite menu sampling

MANE MENU: Hair - Loving - Nutrients to incorporate into your daily meals. These nutrients work together to provide comprehensive support for healthy and vibrant hair. Including a variety of these nutrient-rich foods in your diet can contribute to strong, luscious hair.

Radiance Elixir: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

What to Expect:

  • Inner Harmony and Radiant Glow through the transformative synergy between inner well-being and outer beauty.

  • Everyday Mindfulness practices to reduce stress, elevate inner peace, and enhance your outer glow.

  • Nutrition Secrets for Sustainable Radiance that transcend surface-level beauty to nourish your skin and optimize overall health.

  • Movement's Transformative Vitality sculpting a youthful appearance that radiates through tailored holistic wellness practices.

  • Lasting Well-being and tailored holistic wellness practices, establishing a foundation for true well-being and lasting results.

  • Self-Confidence and Empowerment More than a course, Radiance Elixir becomes a source of newfound self-confidence and personal power. 

Radiance Elixir is a lovingly and thoughtfully created self-led experience that marries the wisdom of holistic beauty, meditation, and nutrition to focus on nurturing your inner essence, for lasting beauty and overall well-being.


March Musings: what’s lighting me up, moving me, grounding me… 

On Aging Gracefully with some help. I’ve tried many beauty devices, but one has stood the test of time and lifestyle for me and that is the (OG) ZIIP device. For over six years, I’ve relied on its blend of nano & micro-currents to help me defy gravity and it continues to come through. Since leaving the retail side of beauty, I’ve gone from monthly facials and the world’s most luxurious skincare at my fingertips to my most minimal, simplified approach to skincare yet. However, this device remains a constant “face-gym” friend. We may not connect regularly but when we do, the workout for these cheekbones is the real deal. Another more low maintenance yet, effective practice I’ve been loving is facial cupping. I bought a set of facial cups for next to nothing and paired with my favorite sea buckthorn oils from Living Libations and Badger, have been living in facial massage and lymphatic drainage heaven ever since. 

Returning from a self-help book hiatus. Sometimes you need to clear the shelf of all the ‘rules for living’ according to absolutely brilliant humans out there, so you can be open to the joy and brilliance of being. Give your brain a vacation and get lost in poetic storytelling, spicy fantasy or whatever floats your boat. My picks:

The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown

Okay we’re never too far from the personal development… 

Co-CreatingMy first really potent meditation experience was the podcast, Mindful in Minutes. It was a Metta ‘Loving Kindness’ guided meditation and I didn’t just cry, I cracked open. From there came To Be Magnetic’s neuroscience based hypno-meditations, Kundalini Yoga, a meditation teacher course, and the rest is history. Along the way, I discovered, a love for writing and recording meditations. I’ve created a 3-part series of meditations and journal prompts aligned with my coaching style and life philosophy.  Get it here: Calm Collection

I’m someone that needs things to respond to. I think that’s why I love sharing journal prompts because I actually use them! A good question can plant a seed, spark a discovery, a remembering, and it can leave you stumped. That’s when you know you’re getting close to something deeper. These prompts explore thoughts and feelings around ‘being seen’ and stepping into your authentic spotlight: 

  1. Take a moment to reflect on the significance of external validation in your life. How deeply do the opinions of others affect your sense of visibility and confidence? In considering this, gently explore what shifts you can make to nurture a stronger connection with your own validation and inner wisdom.

  2. Reflect on the concept of self-worth and its relationship with being seen. How does your perception of self-worth influence your readiness to shine authentically? What’s one step that can strengthen your sense of self-worth?

  3. Reflect on specific moments or experiences from the past month where you felt truly seen and valued for who you are. What insights can you draw from these experiences, and how can you leverage them to continue embracing your authenticity and shining brightly in the future?


Let’s connect face to face (but online). 

I’m going to be introducing a second layer to Monthly-ish Musings in the near-ish future or let’s be honest, at least sometime after the next mercury retrograde. 

A monthly-ish digital gathering & workshop on various themes, practices, chats... 

It’ll include the usual suspects: meditation, breath work, journaling and also beauty rituals, like giving yourself a nightly facial massage that sculpts, and loves your self, to discussions centered around relationships, vision & goals, human design, astrology… and however else it evolves. Literary salon, gathering, coven meeting? I’m working out the details or letting them work themselves out. I envision an intimate, casual corner of intention and elevated quality of connections. The schedule and consistency of gatherings may vary with the seasons. What do you think? Seriously. Your thoughts on what you want to experience more of - especially from online gatherings - is super helpful for me! 

With Love, Michelle


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