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About Michelle

Michelle Del Valle is a dedicated practitioner with over 15 years of expertise in the beauty and wellness industry, beginning her career as a makeup artist with a love for creative expression and amplifying one’s natural beauty. Her path evolved into a mission centered around radical self-acceptance and self-trust. Over the years, she has held leadership roles in prestigious beauty departments, gaining valuable experience from opening luxury retailers nationwide, recruiting and developing teams of beauty professionals.


Michelle's unique blend of insights from her diverse roles now informs her current roles as a Life Coach and makeup artist in the Hudson Valley. Her belief in the life-changing power of personal growth and holistic well-being invited her to dive deeper into connecting with and inspiring both outward radiance and an inner glow of authenticity and personal power.


As a Life Coach, Michelle seamlessly integrates wisdom from holistic nutrition, meditation, breath-work, and a strengths-based, client-led approach. Her relentless love of learning encompasses diverse areas such as human design, astrology, western herbalism, and cycle syncing.


Guiding individuals through the intricacies of the human experience with compassion and gratitude, Michelle holds certifications as a life coach, holistic nutritionist, and meditation guide. Anchored in principles of self-acceptance and a deeply felt appreciation for beauty, she not only nurtures the mind-body-soul connection but also actively works to create spaces where self-love thrives through her distinctive approach, combining practical tools, intuitive guidance, and personalized support.

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