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Immersive Coaching Container

A portal of self-discovery and growth. This coaching program is your sacred space for profound inner and outer alignment. For those ready to dive into the immersive world of self-exploration, inner strength, and transformation.

Have you ever felt a disconnect between your inner dreams and your outer reality? Do you find yourself navigating life's currents without a reliable inner compass of self-trust and confidence? It is absolutely "normal" to feel lost in the chaos of life's challenges. The struggle to find balance, purpose, and authenticity can be daunting.

This co-creative coaching partnership delves deep into your vision, your blocks, and your innermost desires. As your coach, I'll walk alongside you helping to illuminate your path to inner awakening and personal power. 


The Journey...

  • Ten 1-hour sessions tailored to your individual journey, ensuring every step aligns with your goals and vision.

  • Experience a shift in perspective, guiding you to overcome challenges and boldly embrace the unknown.

  • Attune your inner dreams with your outer actions, creating more harmony and flow.

  • Cultivate unapologetic self-trust, acceptance, and confidence as you navigate the rollercoaster of life.

  • Choose between three or six-month options, allowing you ample space for transformation that resonates with you.

One-off Sessions

Sometimes what you need is one intentional conversation to gain clarity, strategy and get back into alignment with your vision. Single or Four Session packages are designed for individuals who desire a flexible yet supportive coaching experience. Offering the perfect balance between structured guidance and the freedom to shape your journey.

Being coached by Michelle has been instrumental in my personal growth. Trying to work on personal goals while also having a life and a full time job is beyond challenging.  Michelle helps me cut through the noise and focus on my priorities in bite sized manageable pieces. Before I knew it I had made immense progress and had a much more clear map of what I wanted to accomplish in my near future.


Pro Bono Coaching

To uplift those who need a little extra support and who traditional coaching is financially out of reach. 

Pro Bono Coaching Program includes:

45-minute Discovery Coaching Call

1-hour Coaching Sessions x 4

Pending Availability. 

Thank you! I will be in contact shortly.

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