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Monthly Musings

This letter continues to be one of my purest forms of expression and vessels for growth. It’s both a sweet and scary practice in showing up consistently - at least in the way consistent looks like for me - and sharing from the heart. It’s also a beautiful reminder that I thrive on connection and that connection can take on so many different forms if you let it.

Musings is an occasional dose of what’s lighting me up in this season of life.

Born out of a desire to share the practices, books, music, conversations and more that are helping me along my own journey in expansion, healing, connection, laughter, self-cultivation... In doing so, my hope is to send a tiny ripple out to circulate some magic and vibes into the world. In Human Design, I’m a Manifesting-Generator, also known as people who have loads of energy to pour into various passions, juggle many plates, and sometimes bounce around to different hobbies, interests, work - and and and… so what I’ve come to realize is the more I let myself follow the excitement, the more eager I am to spread these feelings, tools and resources around.

What’s Lighting Me Up Lately...

Going with Your flow. This current mode feels like I’m moving forward in slow motion, slowly picking up speed and building momentum. Shaking off the sleepy comforts of winter and tweaking habits to better suit where I’m headed. I know that come spring those creature comforts will only get in the way. Are you feeling that subtle pull forward too?

“If you have an idea you’re excited about and you don’t bring it to life, it’s not uncommon for the idea to find its voice through another maker. This isn’t because the other artist stole your idea, but because the idea’s time has come.”

Listening: I finally got around to listening and transcribing this tender conversation with Katrina Eugenia a few months ago. I loved getting to revisit it from future/present me. Read it here.

Practicing: Getting back to basics. January was a blur, recharging from the holidays, getting sick and being confronted by old beliefs around success and not doing enough. All the reasoning or thinking my way through wouldn’t cut it. I needed an update to my beliefs and outlook, to work out the kinks for this newer version of the same but more me, me.

a few more practices...

Journaling even a few words each day has the power to move energy, notice patterns, savor in things you're grateful for or just process. Writing is one of the very first skills we learn in school and regularly putting pen to paper is a daily workout for the muscle that is your brain. Neuroscience tells us that our brains grow like any other muscle and that it requires a regular practice of whatever new skill or habit you’re trying to build. Where journaling and adding stronger connections in the brain come into play for me is when I’m journaling through any triggers, emotions or feelings. I'm allowing this process to challenge and grow my ability to not just seek solutions out of my current frustrations but to allow the ones that exist within me to be revealed on the page. And when I journal on things like gratitude, I’m expanding those feelings of abundance as well as my capacity to receive more of life's goodness.

The Daily Practice, A long time favorite around here. I’ve been using the Deep Imagining library in the To Be Magnetic membership for a few years now and while it’s not an everyday or even weekly practice, this particular audio: Releasing Emotions DI, has been so therapeutic recently. I'm no expert but I describe Deep Imaginings as guided meditations that take you into a deeper state of beta brainwaves or like a hypno-meditation. In this one, you're being guided to deeply feel and release emotions that in my case were so stagnant recently.

Sat Kriya as a daily practice that can shift your physical and subtle energy in minutes. Kundalini yoga is commonly referred to as a householder's yoga because it’s down to earth and can fit into your life as a potent way to bring your whole radiant self to each day. As I creep my way out of winter this 3-minute kriya is giving me everything I need in the mornings. Sat Kriya as a practice “improves physical health with a gentle rhythmic massage of the internal organs, and it strengthens the heart through the rhythmic pumping motion of the Navel Point. The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energize, and heal the body.”

I hope this finds you in perfect timing. If you want to dive deeper let's start chatting here


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