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Lessons on letting go and leaning into renewal

From watching the cherry blossom we planted last spring bloom then immediately shed its flowers within days, to how my intuitive pings and gut feelings are reaching new levels of clarity this week. The lead into eclipse season has me feeling all the friction and tension that comes with change.

If you’re feeling it too, the beauty of the moment is that all you need to do is tune in…

What are you learning about yourself this lately? What new aspects of your personal evolution are being revealed to you? What messages feel loud and clear?

The north and south nodes of the moon paint a picture of our past and what’s to come. With today’s solar eclipse in Aries, near the north node, we're being invited to step into our future with the courage and boldness of fiery Aries.

Through the context of the nodes we’re in a constant balancing act between who we were and who we’re becoming. I find it both scary and exciting yet the magic isn’t found in reaching any one point, rather in the process of experiencing the full picture of who you are.

Currently meditating on this mantra: Bhand, the woman, she is the container for creation. (from a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib ji)

A simple meditation to experience BHAND is to imagine yourself as a container for the entire Universe. Sit for a few minutes and visualize and feel you contain the entire universe and you will lack for nothing. Bhand Jammeeai by

Other ways to create some space this week

  • going for a walk without your AirPods

  • simple intentional breathing think: 4 counts in, 4 counts out…

  • limit your intake or tune into the frequency of what you are taking in

  • practice or explore intuitive eating

  • write… about anything

  • switch up your playlist for some mantra music

  • spend extra time with the animals in your life if you have them

Gain clarity, ground into your intentions and take inspired action

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April Musings…

Why We Meditate: The Science and Practice of Clarity and Compassion Bridging ancient teachings with neuroscience for a beautifully simple yet profound approach to meditation.

Lacey Phillips of To Be Magnetic on Manifestation, Financial Freedom & Stepping Back from the Spotlight This conversation was an unexpected and incredibly expansive listen for me on many levels. From the impact of healing our inner child wounds so we can show up authentically in our relationships to financial freedom and the ways we take on certain roles in our professional life out of ego and what it looks like to delegate what doesn’t feel in total alignment.


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