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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

What if I told you that within the depths of your being is a personalized blueprint, a roadmap custom-made for you, offering insights to navigate life's complexities and tap into the limitless potential encoded within your very energetic makeup?

Human Design is a system that illuminates deeper layers of understanding into your most authentic and aligned self. From your energetic expression and how you interact with the world around you, to your specific method of decision making, to how you manifest and create opportunities, it sheds light on every aspect of your being. In essence, Human Design is a tool for self-understanding, that enables you to stay true to yourself in a world that can so often dictate who you ‘should be.’

But first let’s start at the beginning, with the messenger (as he referred to himself) of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu. One evening in 1987, Ra heard a ‘voice’ say to him “Are you ready to work?” and for eight days and nights, he transcribed the system we know today as Human Design. A synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, drawing upon principles from astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system, Human Design is a comprehensive map of your energetic dna, highlighting the intricacies of your inner workings and guiding you towards a life of alignment.

So, what does that all mean? At its core, Human Design is an energetic map that each of us is born with. Just like astrology can reveal insights through your natal chart, human design offers guidance on how to live life more authentically and in tune with who you really. By exploring key components such as energy type, strategy, authority, and inner themes, you can better understand your innate strengths, challenges, and paths to fulfillment. It's a lifelong resource, reminding you to literally do you, and not what others expect you to.

It’s not a system meant to restrict you, but rather to empower you to make decisions that resonate with your true essence, leading to a more genuine and meaningful life experience.

Human Design holds layers upon layers of wisdom, yet true understanding (like most things) usually begins with intellectualizing before actual embodiment. Or as my friend Ally likes to say, points to head 'I know' points to heart 'but I don't know.' Just as with our deepest lessons, it takes time and practice to embody its teachings. Frequently, the aspects of ourselves that feel most aligned and innate are heavily influenced by societal conditioning. Rediscovering our authentic selves becomes an regular practice, as we navigate through layers of external influence to reclaim our true essence, often requiring us to decondition and remember who we truly are.


Before we dive in, let's check in: Do you know your Human Design? If not, don't worry!

To get your Human Design chart, you'll need your birth date, time, and location. There are plenty of sites out there; here are two I've used in the past:


Your Starting Players

Kind of like your 'big three' in astrology (sun, moon, and rising signs), your energy type, inner authority, and strategy are arguably the three most important elements of your human design. They provide insights into your individual design and approach to life and serve as an ideal starting point.

What's your go-to (most natural) decision-making style?

The inner intelligence that enables us to know whether a decision is correct for us or not is called Inner Authority. It is as though each of our bodies possesses an inner compass or device that reveals whether something is a healthy and fulfilling use of our energy, or not. Our Inner Authority is a body-based knowing that precedes the cognition of the mind, and thus accessing it requires us to become more embodied and to listen better to our bodies. via Jovian Archive

Inner Authority

Your inner authority is your natural decision-making process. Whether it's trusting your gut instincts, tuning into your emotions, or following intuitive hits. Continue on for each one.

Sacral Authority

Emotional (Solar Plexus) Authority

Ego Authority

Self Authority

Mental Projector


Energy Centers in Human Design

After exploring the different Inner Authorities, you might be wondering 'how am I supposed to know if I'm actually making the right decisions for me?' And the answer lies in understanding the concept of Self and Not-Self Themes in Human Design. These themes are like your personal green and red flags from the universe. Your Self-Theme serves as the green flag, indicating when you're in alignment with your true nature. On the other hand, the Not-Self Theme acts as a red flag, signaling moments when you're out of alignment and experiencing feelings of discomfort or frustration.

Let's quickly explore the Self and Not-Self Themes for each energy type:


  • Self-Theme: Peace

  • Not-Self Theme: Anger


  • Self-Theme: Satisfaction

  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration

Manifesting Generator:

  • Self-Theme: Joy

  • Not-Self Theme: Impatience


  • Self-Theme: Success

  • Not-Self Theme: Bitterness


  • Self-Theme: Surprise

  • Not-Self Theme: Disappointment

Do any of these themes resonate with you?
Reflect on any moments when you experienced characteristics of your Self or Not-Self Theme. What were the circumstances during those times, and what made them particularly significant for you?
Recall instances when you found yourself embodying traits of your Not-Self Theme. What events or situations triggered those feelings, and how did you respond or handle them?


This feels like a good place to pause. As I mentioned earlier, the layers of self-discovery are truly infinite, and you can dig deeper through resources I'll share below. However, remember what I said about intellectualizing before embodying? Take it from a Manifesting-Generator who has spent the last few years simply learning to not just be the multi-passionate being I am, but to truly accept and not be afraid to live the non-linear path. To defy the conventional routes I grew up perceiving as the only pathways to success, despite how often boring those paths have always felt to me. There's no race, no competition, just you. So go at your own pace and don't just trust the process, get lost in it.

Human Design Resources

My Human Design App - I LOVE the way Jenna Zoe takes these deep concepts and translates it into modern day language that feels so easy to understand.

Blueprint by Erin Claire Jones - First of all, not only is ECJ an absolute savant when it comes to using Human Design to teach people how to work and interact with one another, whether in work teams or relationships. The blueprint is a PDF book made uniquely for you that you can come back to over and over again. She also offers regular free online classes teaching about the different layers of HD.

Amy Lea on Instagram - Offers a super cool blend of Human Design and Astrology. I love her posts about the different transits and collective themes.

Pea the Feary - Pea gave me my first human design reading and though I don't think she does them any longer, is a big expander for me when it comes to living authentically and unapologetically.


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